So who the heck am I? And what is this website all about? Good questions, and this FAQ will answer those (and a whole lot more). Here we go:

Who is “TraderScooter”?
TraderScooter is me. My name is Scott, and I am one guy who wants to trade the corporate life for more freedom (Scooter is my nickname, so that’s where the site title came from). This website is not run by a team of people. All of the words, thoughts, and ideas you see here came straight from one guy with a passion to succeed on his own.

What is this website all about?
Basically, I am a corporate drone who is sick of it all and is determined to become financially independent via earning passive income on the web. This website was created to document the process. Yeah, it’s basically a diary but I am hoping that others can learn from my actions.

How do you plan to become financially independent?
I plan to achive this goal with a combination of five things:

I also used to be a very active stock photography producer, but increased competition has pushed me out the market and it’s no longer a lucrative business for me. But to this day, that was my largest and most successful online business yet.

How many websites do you have?
Including this one, my “web empire” consists of nine sites. All are fully developed, and some are much bigger than others. Most of my sites are of the smaller niche variety, requiring very little of my time from month to month.

How much money per month are you making now?
Please see my Monthly Income Reports section to see the latest totals.

How much money do you want to make?
I want just enough to maintain a comfortable living for my wife and I. $10,000/mo (pre tax) ought to  do it.