Why there’s never been a better time to work part time online

Why there’s never been a better time to work part time online

Those with the desire to take control of their income and work online from home have never had it easier. Using the power of the internet and social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter, creating profitable part time online jobs is possible with just a few simple clicks of your mouse. Have you ever thought it would be possible to make a living from writing? Or how about selling collectables on eBay? WIth a little bit of thought and creativity, you can ditch the day job and earn more working part time from home.

It’s all about social networking

Before the internet became so widespread, it used to be really difficult to advertise your business or design portfolio. Running advertisements in newspapers and magazines was (and still is) very expensive – and the worst part about doing that is you wouldn’t even be sure that anyone would see your ad!

But now we can advertise our online part time job services very easily through social networking tools. The benefit of doing this is that you can target your audience – meaning that you can control exactly who see’s your advertisement. How great is that?

Using Twitter as an example, you can promote your part time online job like this:

  1. Create a new account
  2. Tweet (Twitter-speak for “write’) some interesting and useful things that you think your customers would like to read about. Include some links to your blog or website if you’d like.
  3. Find interesting people to follow – more specifically, find people who fit into your target demographic and “follow” them (using the “follow” button on their profile). What kinds of customers do you want? These are the people you need to follow.
  4. A few will follow you back, and a LOT will follow you back if you tweet interesting things.
  5. As time goes on, you will have many followers. Now whenever you tweet (advertise) a sale or special deal related your online part time job, you’ll automatically be notifying all of your highly-targeted followers – all for free!

The great thing about social networking is that there are many platforms to choose from. Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, etc – all are really great places to advertise your services.

Other great online resources for the self-employed:

If you offer a service as part of your online part time job, there are several really great places to showcase your portfolio and advertise directly to people who are looking to hire freelancers. Upwork.com is one of the largest and most established places to advertise yourself and your business. What’s really great about these kinds of places is that if you’ve got a really good portfolio of work, chances are really high that you’ll actually have employers seeking you out. You won’t even have to look for jobs and assignments!

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