Three reasons why Casey Neistat is the ultimate entrepreneur

Three reasons why Casey Neistat is the ultimate entrepreneur

I’m happy to report that I’m still alive and feeling well despite the fact that Casey Neistat quit doing daily vlogs back in November. I think I was probably more hooked on his videos than what is normally considered healthy, and it did come as quite a shock to me when he pulled the plug for good and made his big move to CNN. I felt lost. Confused. And not sure what to do with those ten or so minutes every day that I had been devoting to watching his vlogs.

Casey is the ultimate entrepreneur in my opinion. He started life as a high-school dropout loser who got his girlfriend pregnant at 16 and had otherwise had nothing to look forward to in life. His middle school principal even told him that he would never amount to anything. But look at the guy now…oozing from success, fueled entirely by his creativity and a massive desire to live life to the fullest.

Casey Neistat has inspired my entrepreneurial spirit more than anyone else has been able to, for three very good reasons:

He built a massively successful career from his passion

Casey is a very good storyteller, and he’s blessed with the ability to convey it well on video. His editing style is raw and a bit unrefined in places, but that’s what makes him so unique. He’s spent his entire life refining this technique, doing it over and over again just for the love of it, and success naturally followed. He didn’t start out trying to be huge and successful – he just did what he loved, people took notice, and he has naturally evolved into the creative genius that big companies like Samsung and CNN are willing to pay top dollar for today. If that isn’t inspiring enough, I really don’t know what is. I’ve struggled quite a bit over the years working on projects that I’m not passionate about, and he has given me the confidence to say “screw it” and focus solely on my passions instead.

His “do more” motto is inspiring as hell

There are only but a few people on YouTube who have lives interesting enough to keep daily vlogs interesting over the long term, and Casey Neistat is one of them. The guy has “do more” tattooed on his arm for crissakes, so he’s always moving and working on new things. I know for a fact that I couldn’t live his go-go-go lifestyle (I’m too old for that), but it’s still incredibly inspiring to watch the guy go through life with a gun-ho attitude trying to do things better than the next guy. Business, travel, video production…he’s a freaking machine who’s enthusiasm comes though very clear in everything that he does. It’s quite contagious.

He’s not afraid

From climbing Mt Kilimanjaro to starting a business to quitting vlogging – Casey isn’t afraid to seize the moment and do something daring. Being that flexible and being able to change directions in an instant is crucial to being successful in life and in business, and my inability to do that has been one of my biggest struggles as an entrepreneur. Watching Casey do it effortlessly time and time again has been a huge eye opener for me.

Even though Casey isn’t vlogging anymore, and I still feel the loss from his departure, I’m actually rather thankful that I latched on to his YouTube channel and had the chance to watch him go through daily life. Every time I struggle with some of my own issues regarding entrepreneurship, I just ask myself one simple question to help get me through it: “what would Casey Neistat do?” That usually sets me straight and I go on my way without a second thought.

Thanks Casey!

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