Run your own stock photo website with PhotoStore from

Run your own stock photo website with PhotoStore from

As I mentioned in this post, setting up my own stock photo store was hands-down the best thing I have ever done in my entrepreneurial career thus far. I made over $100k producing and selling my own images, and it’s a business niche that shows no sign of slowing down. Trends and styles are always changing, and the website and print publishers of the world are always looking for fresh content for their projects.

I’ve got plenty of experience with web projects, but I admit that I’m more of a front-end designer rather than a back-end code cruncher. I hate programming. With a passion. That’s why I chose to purchase a pre-built stock photo store script from PhotoStore (the name of their product) is, in my opinion, the best photo store script available for sale. I’ve tried others like Photo Video Store form, and there is simply no comparison to the quality and value for the money.

From the moment I installed it, everything just works. Jeff and Jon (the guys who run Ktools) have poured their life into Photostore and it really shows with the amount of features and powerful logic built into the script.

But it doesn’t end there. Their after-the-sale support is top notch. Every time I have had a question or minor problem getting my store to work exactly like I wanted it, they responded to my support ticket within 24 hours with solutions to my issues. Not only that, they usually go above and beyond by installing scripts or fixing things for me so I don’t have to tinker with it (and risk breaking something in the process). That can’t be said for any other pre-build scripts I have purchased in the past so it’s really easy for me to praise Ktools and their PhotoStore product to the fullest.

Do yourself a favor and take the reigns of your professional life. Open your own stock photo store, fill it with unique content which can’t be found anywhere else (basically, produce it yourself), and you will be one step closer to financial independence.

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