Pat Flynn – the king of internet marketing and passive income

Pat Flynn – the king of internet marketing and passive income

If there’s one person who defines what’s possible with passive income, it’s Pat Flynn. His blog,, is a hub of highly detailed information and explanations on how he earns $50,000 in passive income each and every month.

Pat’s incredible growth in online income came unexpectedly. He started out as a young architect with no plans to make a living earning passive income, but that all changed soon after becoming unemployed due to budget cuts at his full time job. He had a personal website that he had been working on for years, but never thought to monetize. Desperate for income, he put advertisements on it and things quickly took off from there.

Pat soon discovered that there was money to be made online – more than he ever could have made working as an architect, so he put all his efforts into building a network of online products (websites, ebooks, etc) which would drive income month after month.

One of his most successful projects is his blog. This is where Pat lays it all out, writing about everything he does online, and how he earns money from it all. He’s one of the most transparent internet entrepreneurs out there today, and he doesn’t hold anything back – he tells his readers exactly how much money he makes each month (down to the penny), and from where it all came from. If you’re curious, most of his passive income comes from affiliates – but he diversifies himself with other things like speaking engagements, adsense, and ebook sales.

Another thing we can learn from Pat is that a bit of optimism and kindness goes a long way. He truly enjoys helping people succeed, and that is one of things that drives a large volume of web traffic to his site every day. This kindness and willingness to help others helps to establish trust with his readers, which is a very important thing to have when trying to be successful with an online job. Additionally, his never-ending optimism is a reminder for everyone that things aren’t always as bad as they seem when trying to build an internet-based business.

Spending just five minutes on Pat Flynn’s blog will give any budding entrepreneur the inspiration to take action to start earning a living online. His detailed explanations will show you that it’s not that hard to be successful in internet marketing – all it takes is persistence and a love of what you are doing. The success will naturally follow.

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