Online part time job idea 22: Become a virtual assistant

Online part time job idea 22: Become a virtual assistant

Are you the type of person who enjoys planning and organizing? Do you enjoy helping others? If so, becoming a virtual assistant just might be the best part time online job for you.

Let’s face it – there are only so many hours in the day, and it seems that everyone is busier than ever with work, family obligations, social events, and all the other things we juggle in a single day. In a world where everyone seems to be striving to do more, a little bit of help goes a long way to reaching goals. Right now, there are thousands of these people seeking help on – a website which I’ve discussed before and recommended so highly.

The types of people needing virtual assistants aren’t necessarily business owners or other people with demanding jobs. In addition to those folks, there are busy mothers who need someone to help plan birthday parties, and college students who need assistance researching topics for a thesis. The types of assistance that others seek may surprise you – as long as it can be done part time and online, there is a demand for it.

It’s important to realize that being a virtual assistant is not a 24 hour job. Hardly. As a matter of fact, it’s the perfect type of work for anyone who has a few hours to spare every day who has internet access and a the ability to work online.

Most importantly, you need to be a very organized person by nature. Having a desire to help others is also important.

Start up costs:
None. Just create a free account at and create a profile for yourself – the work will come to you.

Potential earnings:
Honestly, you aren’t going to make a ton of money being a virtual assistant. However, you will earn respect and gain peace of mind from helping others, which for some, may be more valuable than cash.

With the help of, it’s really easy to find this type of online part time work. Sign up, log in, and create an account. That’s it – you’re instantly in the business of helping others manage their busy lifestyle.

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