Online part time job idea 17: Play online poker

Online part time job idea 17: Play online poker

Are you looking for a bit of risk and excitement in an online part time job? If you like what I wrote about online stock trading, then online poker just might be the job for you. Yes, we know that it’s not technically a job, but who says that you can’t have fun while earning side income? Sometimes combining fun with profit requires thinking outside the box a little, and it definitely makes life more interesting.

At the time of this writing (August 2013), online poker is legal in all US states except one: Washington. It’s a common misconception that this is an illegal activity in the US, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth – there are millions of players doing this every day, at a wide variety of websites. Some of the most popular are:

Each of these websites allow you to play with real or fake money, and you may want to give each of them a try to see which one you like the best. Since your goal is to make money online, make sure to choose the one you are truly the most comfortable with. Any of the sites listed above are highly reputable and safe, so you can be reassured that your money (and identity) will be secure.

Remember: Poker is technically classified as gambling and therefore involves a healthy dose of chance and luck. Because of that, there is a very real possibility of losing some money from time to time. If you are ok with an online job with that kind of risk, keep the following in mind:

Poker is a largely a game of skill (more than luck) so you’re going to have to be a decent poker player

Start up costs:
You’ll need a small amount of cash to start playing with, and that amount is totally up to you.

Potential earnings:
There are pro poker players who make millions of dollars per year doing this. You’ll likely not make anywhere near that amount, but any decent player should be able to make a fair amount of side income each month. The better player you are, the more you’ll earn.

If you’re not familiar with playing online poker, it’s probably smart to hold off playing for real money when you are just starting out. Just play for free, learn what kind of a player you are (and how you stack up against everyone else), and find a poker website you feel the most comfortable with. Once you get all that figured out, you can play for real money and turn this into a very fun online part time job.

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