Online part time job idea 15: Sell all the junk that you never use

Online part time job idea 15: Sell all the junk that you never use

Take a really good look around your house, and chances are that you’ll find a lot of stuff sitting around that you haven’t used in months. Ask yourself this: why haven’t you used these things? Do you honestly plan to use them in the near future? Would you even notice if they didn’t exist? Be brutally honest – most of the time, it makes better sense to sell the things you don’t need and let the process of doing that generate passive income for you instead.

Compared to our other online part time job ideas that we’ve described, this is probably one of the easiest of them all – there is no inventory to buy, no websites to create, and no need to search for buyers. With the use of ebay and craigslist, buyers will come to you.

You should think of this like a business where you’ll have a huge advantage over others (almost immediately). Unlike a real store, you don’t need to buy inventory – your inventory already exists. You don’t need to rent store space, and you don’t even need to build a website since you’ll be selling everything online. You can even have a garage or yard sale at your home.

Basically, other than ebay fees and your time, there is very little overhead with this online job. Nearly all of the income you make from sales will go directly into your pocket.

Here’s what you need to know about this online part time job:

You’ve got to have stuff that you’re willing to sell. Be liberal – if you haven’t used it in a long time, chances are it has a higher value to you as cash rather than an unused object taking up space. You can always re-buy something if you regret selling it later.

Start up costs:

Potential earnings:
Totally dependent on the amount of stuff you have to sell, and how valuable those things are. Don’t worry about trying to get top dollar for everything – some money is better than none at all, especially if the items in question aren’t being used.

Start digging through your closets and clean out the garage – all of that stuff piling up in all corners of your house is potential income and the perfect fuel for an online part time job. Let go of the emotional attachments you may have to some of those things, and look at them instead as piles of cash just waiting to be picked up and put in your pocket.

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