Online part time job idea 13: Tutorialize your special talent(s)

Online part time job idea 13: Tutorialize your special talent(s)

Do you have a special talent that amazes others? Chances are you do, and you won’t have to dig very deep to identify it. Everyone is born with an ability to do at least one thing great: some can sing really well, some can draw and paint, and some are really good at motivational speaking. The really great thing about special talents is that they don’t have to be something significant to be qualified as “special”. Anything that you can do well that many others can’t will qualify.

Turning your special talent(s) into an online part time job is actually really easy, especially since the world is full of people searching the internet to learn how to do that exact thing that you do so well. Assuming that you are willing to share, writing detailed tutorials on a blog or posting demonstrative videos on YouTube is very easy to do. Take your time and detail the process from beginning to end – the more detail you provide will attract more visitors, which translate to more money from this part time job.

Income generation could come several ways. Placing advertising on your blog (Google Adsense) and embedded into your YouTube videos is very quick and easy – but probably won’t be insanely lucrative. You may find it a lot more profitable to charge others for hour-long one-on-one training sessions. This face-to-face interaction with your clients may be the most rewarding for those who seek part time online jobs with more social interaction (as opposed to just running a blog). Customers are also willing to pay more for one-on-one training.

You need at least one special talent. It can be absolutely anything, but you’ll have the most success if very few other people can do it naturally.

Start up costs:
None, other than setting up a website or blog.

Potential earnings:
Completely unlimited, but your earnings potential will grow exponentially the higher the “wow” factor your special talent has. For example, being able to spin 10 plates on your head at one time will attract a lot more attention than being able to hold your breath for 60 seconds. Creativity (and skills) = money.

Tutorializing your special talents is one of the few online jobs in existence today that has the most potential for being incredibly fun. Wouldn’t it be a blast to be paid well for part time work teaching others how mimic your crazy skills?

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