Online part time job idea 10: Copy editor

Online part time job idea 10: Copy editor

Do you have a passion for writing and language? If so, copyediting is a prime candidate for a profitable online part time job. Being a copy editor is slightly more technical than being a writer, primarily because the sole task is to proofread content from other writers to make sure that it is free of spelling and grammar mistakes. A copyeditor should never rewrite the work of others.

Copyeditors are extremely in-demand, due primarily to the fact that they save writers a lot of time. Time is money in the publishing world, and you’ll be doing them a huge favor by letting them move quickly to the next assignment. The demand is so that that if you are talented enough, the work will come to you – you won’t have to go out looking for it. For anyone running an online part time business, it doesn’t get much better than that.

You’ll need to have a really strong understanding of the language you are copyediting for. You’ll also need to have some good examples of some before and after work that you can show to others as you are looking for work. Attention to detail is crucial.

Start up costs:
None. All you need for this online part time job is a blog with some sample work, and accounts with freelance writing websites so that you can advertise your services.

Potential earnings:
Some of the best copywriters can make in excess of $70/hr (or more). The amount you can charge will ultimately depend on your skill and experience.

Copyediting is a really good online part time job for those with a passion for writing and the love of details. There is plenty of work to go around, especially when you can establish close relationships with clients who provide a steady stream of work to you.

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