Online part time job idea 08: Collect credit card points

Online part time job idea 08: Collect credit card points

While technically not an online part time job, collecting credit card points is an incredibly lucrative way to work your way towards more perks in life. Using airline mile cards as an example, you could potentially never fly economy class for the rest of your life by simply charging every single cent of your day to day spending. How much money do you spend a year in things like groceries, clothes, car repairs, etc? $20,000? $30,000? More? Consider this random scenario:

  1. You are a business owner with an online part time job who spends $30,000 a year on basic expenses (business or personal – it doesn’t matter).
  2. You sign up for the Chase INK bold credit card (as an example), and get a 50,000 mile bonus for doing so – free of charge. If you have a legitimate part time online job, you are eligible for this card.
  3. This card pays double points on gasoline purchases, and 5x points on wireless and cable company expenses. If you spend $200/mo in gas and $300/mo in phone/cable services, that’s 18,000 points a year just for doing what you do every day.

Over the course of a year, that’s 98,000 miles just for doing nothing more than you normally do every day. With that 98,000 miles, you can get two domestic first-class airline tickets on nearly any airline. Better yet, that will just about cover the cost of one round-trip international business class ticket. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? This is exactly how Ben Schlappig travels the world without very little out of pocket cost.

That’s just one example, and with the plethora of airline point-earning credit cards available out there today that are offering huge sign up bonuses, you could gain even more perks by signing up for multiple cards at once.

You need to have good credit AND the self-control to pay your bills in full every month. This online part time job is not for the weak of mind.

Start up costs:
None, but most mileage and point cards charge annual fees that can range from $80-400 a year.

Potential earnings:
Cash back cards will pay in dollars, but airline cards pay in points. Considering that you could get “free” international business class airline tickets (which average around $5000), it’s worth playing the game.

By using the right combination of credit cards, you could potentially turn this into a fun online part time job that pays in rewards instead of dollars. For further inspiration on earning points, Ben Schlappig’s blog is a highly recommended read.

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