Online part time job idea 06: Freelance web design

Online part time job idea 06: Freelance web design

Freelance web design is an excellent choice for an online part time job, because if you haven’t’ already noticed, everything (and everybody) is going online. Web trends and technologies are also changing at the speed of light, so there will always be a need for new and fresh websites.

Part of what makes this an excellent part time job choice is the fact that many large Fortune 500 companies are changing their hiring practices. It used to be that they hired full time employees for this work, but now it is a better value for them to hire web designers on a part time (or contract) basis. That means the demand for part time web designers is growing at an incredible rate with no end in sight.

For this online part time job, you’ll need two things: a love of writing code, and the skills to actually do it.

Start up costs:
Establishing yourself as a freelance web designer does not require any money. Start easy with a few small projects for friends and family, and then use that work as part of your portfolio to advertise your services at places like

Potential earnings:
Completely unlimited, but it should be noted that web designers who are naturally good graphic designers will get paid a lot more than developers who just write code. That alone makes this an excellent online part time job for designers with both skill sets.

If you have a love for writing code and building websites, there has never been a better time to be a freelance web designer. And if you take the time to build your portfolio at places like and Behance – jobs will seek you instead of you having to seek them.

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