Online part time job idea 05: Freelance writing

Online part time job idea 05: Freelance writing

The growth of the internet has been phenomenal year over year with no end in sight. Web developers are desperate to add more content to their blogs and websites, but in many situations, it’s impossible to do it themselves due to restrictive time constraints. Why not offer your writing talents to these people and turn your love of writing into a part time online job? You’d be surprised how big of a business this is – enough so that there are more and more people quitting their day jobs every day to become freelance writers over the internet. and are two very good places to advertise your services. These two websites are very popular with web developers who need content writers, and chances are you’ll have your first gig in no time. The more you write, the more respected you will become (which, in turn, leads to more work).

Freelance writing is an idea part time online job for those who wish to work from anywhere in the world. All you need is your laptop and an internet connection, and you could literally work from anywhere.

Here’s what you need to know about this online part time job:

You need to be a good writer. Note that “good” doesn’t mean “exceptional”, as there are plenty of website owners who are looking for people to write very basic website content for them.

Start up costs:

Potential earnings:
This is entirely dependent on your abilities as a writer. Decent writers who work two hours a day could make $800/mo. Highly skilled writers could make five times that amount.

If you enjoy writing, you can turn it into a profitable online part time job with very little effort. Your best chances of success are to have an established blog with many different samples of your writing samples, along with an account at Upwork. Don’t forget to promote yourself through twitter and Facebook as well!

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