Online part time job idea 04: Buy and sell AUTOart diecast car models

Online part time job idea 04: Buy and sell AUTOart diecast car models

Looking for a really simple and easy way to make money from home? The premise to this online part time job is simple: Buy brand new AUTOart diecast models, put them away for several years, and then begin reselling them on eBay or Craigslist once the production of the model has been over for at least three years. This will ensure a bidding war for your item from hungry collectors when you list your item. Want proof? Have a look at this example:

Search eBay (or your favorite auction website) for a 2006 1:18 AUTOArt C6 Corvette Z06. The original price of one of these, brand new, in 2006 was $100. Perfect examples still in the original packaging are selling for over $300 today.

That’s a 3x return on the original investment, and the best part is that this isn’t a rare case. This has been happening for years, and it is extremely common. AUTOart collectors are very serious about their hobby.

Tips that will help you make money with this part time online job:

1). Buy only “limited edition” models. The lower the production run, the better return you’ll have on your investment.

2). Only buy new. Buying used or second hand models is risky since the price you will pay is often much higher than what you could have paid if you bought it brand new. It will be tempting to buy a rare or limited edition item if you stumble across it on eBay, but chances are you will never earn much when you try and sell it yourself.

3). Keep the original packaging, and better yet, NEVER open the box and remove the model. These unopened examples are what seasoned collectors fight over. It cannot be stressed how important this is, as open-box items (even if they are in pristine condition) will often sell for less than 60% of the price of an unopened version.

None. This is a very easy online part time job to earn money with.

Start up costs:
To make this a legitimate online part time job, you’ll probably want at least $1000 in inventory at all times.

Potential earnings:
3 times your investment cost, assuming that you buy and sell limited edition items only AND you wait until it is in high demand by collectors.

Assuming that you do your research and buy only limited-production items, there is a significant amount of money that can be made doing this. It’s an extremely slow paced online part time job, but that’s one of the things that makes it so good. It’s not going to take a lot of your time, which will leave you to focus on many other types of online part time jobs while you wait for this one to pay you back.

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