Online part time job idea 23: Build an iOS app with AppArchitect

Online part time job idea 23: Build an iOS app with AppArchitect

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, we know that building an iOS app is complicated for most, especially the non-technical people who just may be browsing our site looking for simple part time online job ideas. But stay with me for a second – it’s not as hard as you think, and if you’ve got a good idea for an app, the money you can make from it is insanely good. And yes, it truly is a work from home job, so I think it deserves the space here on

In an effort to bring app building to the masses, Ilya Zatulovskiy built a very user-friendly application called AppArchitect. This web-based application allows you – the person who has never built an app before – an easy way to design and build a real (fully functional) iOS app. AppArchitect is essentially a drag-and-drop type of application which does not require any coding skill or knowledge. You simply drag and drop pre made buttons and menus onto a virtual iOS screen and all the coding happens automatically in the background. All you need is an idea, and AppArchitect will do the rest!

When you’re ready to submit your app to the Apple App Store, you’ll have two options. They can do it for you (and take a small percentage of your profits from sales), or you can export the code and upload it yourself. Note that you’ll need an Apple Developer account to do this. But you’ll keep 100% of the profits by doing it this way.

You’ll need a good idea for an app, and basic computer knowledge.

Start up costs:
None. However, you might want to hire a visual designer for graphic design help (if you need it).

Potential earnings:
If your app is well liked, the potential for big money is pretty good. The App Store has a global reach and demand for good apps is very strong.

If you are struggling for an idea for your app, just remember to keep things simple. Think about the mobile apps that you use everyday – which ones are your favorites? And why? The best apps are usually the ones that solve problems that we face in our daily lives. Assuming this is your first app, doing something simple and useful is your best chance of success.

If you’re looking for a really great online part time job which will continue to feed you passive income over time, app building is a great idea. The forecasts for the continued growth of mobile device usage around the world continues to grow year after year, and it’s an excellent opportunity to take advantage of a red hot market.

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