Monthly income report for February 2013

Monthly income report for February 2013

February was a decent month for me. Well, decent in the sense that I do still have a cushy six-figure corporate job and that any side income I earn is essentially pocket change. So it’s not like I’m trying to live off this amount – yet! But I suspect that day is coming sooner rather than later so that’s why I’m not satisfied. I still have a long way to go.

february 2013 income totals

Total income for February 2013: $1377.92

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how that added up:

  • Swing trading: $514
  • Stock image sales: $832
  • Website income: $31.56

The swing trading was relatively easy this past month. The markets were up huge, and I was too busy to watch my positions every day so it was easy to profit. The stock image sales number is bittersweet because of the fact that three years ago I was doing $2500/mo on half the amount of content that I have available for sale now. The market is definitely drying up! However – this was the best month ever for my own stock image website, so that’s promising. I stand to make a LOT more money selling my own images rather than relying on other agencies to do it for me.

The website income is all Adsense earnings from one site that I built three years ago and haven’t touched since. It’s basically on autopilot, which is exactly the way I like it!

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