Monthly income report for April 2013

Monthly income report for April 2013

I’m very happy to report that April was a much better month for me in terms of passive income compared to last month (which was pretty much a total disaster). I was fortunate to have made some good swing trades thanks all in part to the recent volatility in the price of crude oil, and my stock image sales numbers are holding steady. I’m working pretty hard at the moment trying to get my stock image sales numbers up, but I know that it’s going to be a long/slow grind – but it’s something that I am determined to do.

My website advertising and affiliate income was down this month due to the fact that made a fat-fingered mistake of turing OFF my ads for a week. I can’t remember how it happened exactly, but I was doing some tinkering with one of my templates and I had to turn off my ads before making some adjustments – and I forgot to turn them back on! Oh well – I’m only making what is essentially pocket change with my advertising and affiliate income right now so it wasn’t really a problem overall.

Total income for April 2013: $2841.42

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how that added up:

  • Swing trading: $1983
  • Stock image sales: $833
  • Website advertising / affiliate income: $19

As I mentioned before, I’m working hard on bringing up my stock image sales numbers. The interesting thing about that is by doing so, I may actually increase my website advertising and affiliate income numbers by a lot (inadvertently). I’ll explain that in more detail later…

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