The monthly income reports have moved!

The monthly income reports have moved!

One of the reasons why I created way back in the day was to track my own progress as an entrepreneur. Monthly income reports have always been a primary objective of mine, even though I’ve lacked the discipline to get them posted here to the blog every month.

I’ve been creating monthly income reports for myself since 2012. It was only recently that I started getting serious (and consistent) about posting them publicly. I can tell you from experience that writing them is the fun part. Getting them formatted and posted to the blog is an entirely different matter.

My monthly income reports will now be distributed via email only

To help take unnecessary load off of myself, I’ve decided to change the way that I distribute these monthly income reports to my followers.

Starting this month, the only way to access these monthly income reports will be through my email newsletter. If you’re not already a subscriber, please use the form below to sign up and make sure you don’t miss a single income report from me going forward:

Don’t worry! I’m not going to spam you with offers for erectile dysfunction pills or anything. As a matter fact, the only thing that you’ll be getting for me (from the time being) are monthly income reports.

Why am I making this change?

As I’ve just alluded to, I’ve been finding myself overloaded with administrative tasks which are taking me away from income-producing work.

In other words: writing, editing, formatting, (and then posting) an entire monthly income report takes time. Time that I could be using to write helpful articles which will solve people’s problems. Or working on my next great digital product.

The monthly income reports that I post here to the blog take approximately 6 hours to put together. That’s far too long for a post which won’t do anything to drive revenue, so simplifying things a bit is the right thing to do from a business perspective.

Don’t worry – if you’re already a fan of my income reports and the way that I format them here on the blog, I’m not going to be stripping out anything for the email versions.

As a matter fact, they’ll be better. They’ll be more succinct, to the point, and light weight. And of course, all of the same value will remain. I’ll be showing you the same numbers. And I’ll be trying to inspire you just as always.

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed so far!

Those of you who are already subscribed to my email list have been getting my monthly income reports sent to your email inbox for several months now. From what you’ve been telling me, is a quick and convenient way do you digest this content.

I mean, what fun is it to keep coming back here to TraderScooter all the time just to see if I’ve posted something new (and then feeling disappointed when you realize that I haven’t)? I think we can all agree that letting the content come to you via email is much much better solution!

And of course, please feel free to reply to any of the emails with direct questions. I usually try to reply to as many as I can, so don’t be afraid to reach out and say hi.

As a reminder, you can sign up using the form above to receive my monthly income reports if you’re not already on the list. I’ll do my best to make it as educational, entertaining, and inspiring for you as possible!

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