Google is messing with my website traffic

Google is messing with my website traffic

Web traffic diagram

I was just looking over my Google Analytics data for all my websites, and I noticed something very interesting on the daily visitors chart for my stock photo website (my most popular and successful website at the moment). Have a look at the graphic above. This chart represents my organic traffic, which just happens to be mostly from Google.

What’s really interesting about this is how much it resembles the chart of a financial stock that is headed downward. If you look at the visitor data for the month of January, the low number of visitors was always nearly the same. This was the support line. Then, come February, it inverted. Support suddenly became resistance, which is never a good thing – at least the stock market. I just find it hard to believe that natural organic traffic would be this structured and orderly. Is Google “throttling” my traffic? Am I being penalized for something? I’d sure like to know.

My years of experience in the stock market tells me that there are troubled times ahead if I go by what this chart is telling me. Breaking through resistance is a very difficult thing to do and it may require a lot of effort to bust through it. The only glimmer of hope is that today was the best traffic day in many weeks, which is really rare on a normally slow day like Friday. I’m really hoping that it’s a sign I’m about to bust through that resistance line.

Things like this are extremely frustrating to me as I try to become financially independent and build my passive income. Years of hard work are seemly washed away in a matter of weeks!!

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