What are the best content writing services? Here’s my list:

What are the best content writing services? Here’s my list:

Yes, it’s true. whenever I tell someone that I run seven different blogs, I can tell that they’re puckering their butt without even looking down. I totally get why they would react like that, but here’s a little secret: I’m not doing it all by myself. I’m a huge fan of outsourcing, and in this post I’m going to tell you all about my opinion on the best content writing services out there. Trust me – when you run a handful of blogs like I do, you have no choice but to experiment a little and try them all.

Based on my experience, the 5 best content writing services are (in order):

  1. Content Development Pros
  2. iWriter
  3. Hiring a writer off Upwork
  4. WriterAccess
  5. Human Proof Designs

There’s definitely no shortage of content writing services out there. It seems that more and more of them are popping up every day, but it’s necessary to be careful and do the research before ordering content from any of them.

The moral of the story is this: you get what you pay for with cheap content writing services. It’s pretty much impossible to receive an award-winning article when you pay less than two cents per word. Sorry. Them’s the breaks.

Two reasons why I declare Content Development Pros to be the best content writing service

Rather than dragging you through an entire post listing out all the different content writing services out there (without picking an overall winner), I’m going to get straight to the point.

Please note: some of the links below may be affiliate links. This means that I will get paid a commission if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of them.

1. I find them to be consistently good

After two full years of ordering custom articles written by a variety of cheap content writing services, Content Development Pros consistently delivered the best results. Dollar for dollar, I generally had to do less editing and formatting with articles from them compared to any other writing service.

That’s an especially important point to me, especially considering the entire premise of outsourcing content is to save time. If I’m going to pay $50-$60 for an article, I’m going to be miffed if I have to spend an hour editing it and formatting it to put on my blog. That’s how long it takes me to write an article by myself anyway, so there’s no savings involved if I have to get all up in the guts of it and clean up a mess.

content development pros screenshot
The Content Development Pros homepage might not be all that great to look at, but believe me: they consistently offer the best bang for the buck IMHO.

Nothing grinds my gears more than being served both amazing and terrible content from the same company. It’s obvious that these content writing services have a large pool of writers from which to assign projects to you, and it will become evident once you start ordering content on a regular basis. Content Development Pros has been extremely consistent for me, and it’s very rare that I’ll get an article back that is bad enough that I feel that it needs to be rewritten. Which they will gladly do, of course.

2. Their prices are extremely competitive

One of the reasons which makes Content Development Pros the best content writing service out there (for me anyway) is the fact that you tend to get what you pay for. They offer a wide variety of content plans, ranging from cheap to expensive, and the good news is that the quality of the deliverable increases with the price. I’ve found this to be a problem with other cheap content writing services in the past. It always seemed that I got a crappy article no matter how much I paid them.

Check out Content Development Pros

Pros and cons of using Content Development Pros to write articles for your blog

The best way to summarize all the good and bad with Content Development Pros just to give you a list of the pros and cons. It’s most definitely not a perfect writing service, but as you will see, the negative points aren’t all that big a deal. The positive stuff greatly outweighs the negative.


  • Prices are in line with the quality of content you will receive. Getting what you pay for is especially true with Content Development Pros. Yes, you’re very likely to get a crappy article if you only pay $20 for it. However, you’re going to get a fantastic article if you spend over $90.
  • Customer service is phenomenal. This is the only content writing service that I’ve used that has actively followed up with me after an order. Usually what happens is that I’ll get an email from a customer service representative a day or two after I receive the article that I paid for. He or she usually asks a series of questions about how satisfied I am with the deliverable, along with a question about whether or not there is anything more they can do to help. There hasn’t been any other article writing service that has offered that kind of help to me after the fact.
  • Article quality seems to be slightly better than most for the same prices. I’m not exactly sure where they get their pool of writers from, but it’s obvious that they demand higher quality from their contractors more than the others.
  • Unlike some of the other cheap content writing services out there, they offer a complete solution. What I mean by this is that not only will they write the article for you, they can also format it and publish it on your blog so that you don’t have to do anything. Of course that service comes at a slightly higher cost, but if your time is valuable, it’s totally worth it.
  • Turnaround time is fairly quick. I never have to wait more than two days to receive an article back from Content Development Pros, which is a lot faster than most of the other article writing services that I’ve used.


  • One of my biggest complaints about Content Development Pros is the fact that their website seems to be stuck in the year 2004. Yeah, it’s a little clunky and overloaded with information. Unfortunately, it means spending a little extra time poking around at it in order to find the information that you’re looking for. It’s worth the pain though.
  • I’m of the opinion that they offer too many choices. They lure you in with a cheap price for the main article, but then they entice you with an endless stream of upsell‘s (such as integrating the article into your blog, and sourcing images).

How to get the most from Content Development Pros

I have ordered quite a bit of content from them over the years, which is not surprising considering that I consider them to be the best content writing service. Anyway, I’m going be honest with you: I wasn’t all that happy the first few times that I used them. Thankfully, the reasoning for this fell squarely on me and my inability to explain exactly what I wanted.

What you need to do to ensure that the articles you receive are the highest quality possible:

  • When you order the article, be sure to include a brief outline of how you want the article structured. They give you the opportunity to do this in the “additional information” box, and it behooves you greatly to take advantage of this. It doesn’t have to be anything all that complex either – just giving them all the section headings is enough to keep them on track and focused on the topic.
  • Keep a list of all the writers that do an especially good job for you. Over time, you’ll have a list of the best writers to submit your order to. Content Development Pros allows customers to request specific writers, which is a huge timesaver and is incredibly helpful.
  • Make sure to include a list of topics that the writer should not include in the article. I know that this may seem like an odd request, but after years of ordering content for my blogs, I’ve learned the importance of keeping my writers on track. Most of the time what happens is that writers will stretch out and blabber on about irrelevant topics in order to hit the required word count. Stop them dead in their tracks before it even happens!

How well does content development pros content rank?

Fairly well actually. As a matter fact, the content that I receive from Content Development Pros tends to out rank content that I’ve ordered from other cheap content writing services for the same price. This is yet another reason why I consider them to be one of the best content writing services on the market right now.

Ranking high in the search engines is the primary goal of my business. I depend on the content that I produce to rank very high, as more eyeballs generally equals more income (in terms of display ads, affiliate links, and digital product sales).

To prove my point, here is a screenshot comparing how my content development pros content ranks compared to other content writing services:

content development pros article ranking
A screenshot showing the performance of my 5 latest articles from Content Development Pros. They are doing quite well!

Again, just to reiterate because it’s so important: the quality of the content you receive greatly depends on how much guidance you give them when placing your order. Don’t expect a magnificent article back if you don’t give them any guidance up front.

What you need to look for to find the best content writing service for your needs

Even though I’ve declared Content Development Pros as the best content writing service, that’s not to say that it’s not worth using any other service. It definitely pays to experiment a little, especially since some content writing services are better for certain niches more than others. Here are a two specific things you need to look for when using a cheap content writing service:

  1. Make sure they offer a guarantee of some kind. Nothing is more frustrating than shelling out a lot of money for an article only to get complete gibberish back which is completely unusable. If the content writing service you’re looking at doesn’t offer free edits or complete rewrites, don’t use them. Simple as that.
  2. If it looks too good to be true, it usually is. Long story short, it’s impossible to get a good quality article if you’re paying pennies on the dollar. Any content writing service promising award-winning content for ridiculously low prices is fooling you. True, you’re not gonna have to pay all that much, but what you’re going to end up with is completely unusable content that makes no sense and provides no value.

A brief comparison of some of the other top cheap content writing services

For the record, I’ve got personal experience with every single one of the content writing services that I’ve listed below. I’ve used all of them at one point or another in my blogging career, and some have performed better than others. Some are good, and some are just flat out bad. Here are my thoughts on all of them:


In terms of ease-of-use and overall simplicity, iWriter is the best. Note that I did not say that they are the best content writing service out there. I’m simply saying that their overall user experience is the best. Their website is clean, the process of ordering content is extremely simple, and it’s not all that difficult to order a large batch of articles within minutes. However, I will say that the articles that I received were fairly poor quality.

They currently offer 4 tiers of content, and I went with the third highest tier (which at the time of this writing is referred to as “Elite”). The first time I use them, I paid $60 for the article, and received something that I had to go back and spend an hour to edit to get it anywhere near acceptable to post on my blog.

Thinking maybe that perhaps I just had a bit of bad luck, I ordered two more articles at the Elite level. Again, both were completely unusable without having to go in and edit, which totally defeated the purpose of outsourcing my blog writing.


While not considered to be traditional content writing service, Upwork is more of a place to hire freelance contractors for a wide variety of business needs. The good news is that there are a lot of freelance writers on Upwork, and some of them are pretty darn good. They offer very competitive rates as well – sometimes even better than what you would get from a major content writing agency.

The downside of Upwork is that you have to do the work to find the perfect writer for your particular needs. This means that you have to place an advertisement, and then you have to sort through all the applicants who reply to the ad. It takes time to go through all of those applications, which takes time away from other important tasks I should be working on instead. Personally, I found the process of sorting through applicants to be distracting and not a good use of my time.

However, if you can find a good writer at a good rate, it’s often a much better option than working with cheap content writing services.

By the way, I wrote an entire article about how easy it is to make money selling your services on Upwork. Do be sure to check that out if you’re a freelancer looking to make a few extra bucks.


My biggest issue with the Textbroker was the fact that their website drove me bonkers. The process of ordering content is migraine inducing, and for that reason alone I’ve avoided them.

However, I will say that the content that I did order from them was fairly decent for the price. Their four-star content was fairly acceptable to me, meaning that I only had to spend 10 to 15 minutes going to the article to edit before posting to my blog.


Oh geez. What can I say about Fivver that won’t raise my blood pressure? Generally I avoid Fivver like the plague due to the vast majority of the contractors there who provide low quality services.

I’ve ordered two separate articles from Fivver since 2018. Both were absolutely horrendous. However, I paid less than $20 for each, which should’ve been my first clue that I wasn’t going to get anything high-quality in return. I don’t doubt that there are talented writers on Fivver. I just don’t have the patience to go out and find them.


One of the best content writing services ever in my opinion is WriterAccess. I’ve ordered 10 articles from them so far at the 5-star level, and all of them have been utterly fantastic. Only a few have required minor editing, which is a huge point of satisfaction for me.

However, the downside to WriterAccess is the fact that they are incredibly expensive. Remember – you get what you pay for, and if you want quality, WriterAccess will deliver it to you at higher cost the other cheap content writing services.

For what it’s worth, I would rate WriterAccess higher than I would Content Development Pros if their prices were 10 to 20% lower. I’m not rich yet (as you can see by reading my latest monthly income report), so for now I have to save as much money as possible when it comes to outsourcing.

Human Proof Designs

Human Proof Designs is the content writing service that I have the least experience with in this comparison. I’ve heard really good things about them over the years, so earlier this year I decided to order one piece of content for them just to test out the process.

To be honest, I wasn’t really happy with what I received in return. It was an informational type post, meaning that there was a bit of research required in order to make it competitive in the SERPS. I wasn’t necessarily expecting the writer to do all of that research considering how low of a price I paid for the article, but I was at least hoping that the writer who signed up to do it would have at least some knowledge on the topic. It was obvious that they didn’t, and the entire article was garbage.

I’m not giving up on them completely however. I keep hearing really good things about them, so perhaps I’ll give them another try with different type of article in the near future.

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