2016 website traffic year in review

2016 website traffic year in review

It was a little over two years ago when I posted my first year-over-year website traffic analysis for my personal website empire, and it was a very beneficial exercise for me due to the fact that it helped me to see that I was indeed making progress even though it didn’t really feel like it at the time. Of course I’m using Google Analytics to monitor traffic on all my websites, and while I find it to be one of the best tools out there for individual web developers just like me, it can be a bit overwhelming at times and it’s often difficult to dig down and get to the nitty gritty of what I am looking for.

Grabbing my traffic numbers for the same month of every year (December) and plugging them into a spreadsheet was exactly what I needed to prove to myself that I was not just spinning my wheels in terms of website growth. It’s not the most scientific way to measure progress, but sometimes simplicity is best and I vowed to do it once a year and post that information here to TraderScooter.com.

Unfortunately I was lazy last year and I never got around to it. Well, in my defense, I wasn’t exactly being lazy since I was so busy with other projects that I just didn’t see the value in squeezing it into my busy schedule. I was even thinking of closing down this blog at the time due to a lack of time to work on it, so it really wan’t that high of a priority. Besides, I had Google Analytics taking care of collecting all my data for me so it wasn’t all that important to get it done.

But I’ve been getting a lot more focused this year, which includes dedicating more time to develop this blog. TraderScooter.com has always been my entrepreneurial journal – I can’t just let it go since I need it to keep me (and the things I’m doing in order to achieve financial independence) focused. I need to keep collecting data to see what’s working, and at the same time, I’m hoping it will help me to identify things that are not working. For example, swing trading falls squarely into that “not working category”, and I know it’s something I need to work on.

My year over year website traffic numbers for 2016

For those not familiar with my website empire, it consists of 10 different properties at the moment (including this one). Most are just hobby sites which don’t get any substantial amount of traffic, but a couple of my websites are showing strong growth. Let’s have a look at how each individual website of mine is performing:

my website empire performance
Chart showing the amount of unique visitors that each of my 10 websites got in December 2016 (compared to previous years).

That’s not bad. As you can see, most of my websites get very little traffic every day. But there are a couple that are still going strong, and one that is really starting to grow. I should also note that I shut down two of my websites late last year (there was a bit of overlap with other sites so I decided to consolidate), hence the reason for the plot lines that plummet straight to zero right at the end of the year.

Now let’s have a look at overall traffic numbers (all websites combined) year over year.

combined website traffic december 2016
Chart showing the combined amount of unique visitors from all of my 10 websites in December 2016 (compared to previous years).

That’s not too shabby either. There is definitely growth there, with nearly 16000 unique visitors for December 2016. That kind of blows my mind actually, especially since this was all organic search engine traffic. I am not doing any marketing or advertising at this time beyond posting on social media. 16000 people were interested enough to click a link to read (or watch) my content. I feel kind of honored actually. See? This kind of realization that I’m actually on the right path and making progress is exactly why I make these charts. It really helps me to stay focused and keep plowing forward when I feel like I’m not getting anywhere.

By the way, the reason for 2015 and 2016 traffic numbers being so similar is because of the two websites I closed down at the end of last year (resulting in a large drop in traffic). I expect 2017 traffic to be up significantly overall due to all the consolidation and new content that I’ll be working on over the course of this year. I can’t wait to see those numbers!

Until then, I’ve got work to do…

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