Monthly income report for March 2015

I’ve had a bit of spare time over the past few days so I thought it might be good to post another monthly income report. I do keep detailed records of my passive and website income in a separate spreadsheet, but it’s not often I find the time to post it here. Anyway, if you look at the last income report I posted, you can see some interesting differences.

First, you’ll see that my swing trading and stock image sales numbers are way down. The swing trading number reduction is a result of what I was talking about in my last trading journal update, where I described how I’m only focusing on small base hits for the time being. Swinging for the fences is hazardous to my trading account! The stock image sales numbers are down because it’s a business I’m slowly stepping away from. It’s become a brutal way to make money due to stiff competition and other artists and photographers willing to sell their work for pennies on the dollar.

My website advertising (Adsense) income has remained steady, but the truth is that it was down about 50% more from these levels just a couple months ago. It was only recently that I made some big changes to try and rebuild what I had lost over the past two years.

Finally, you’ll see that I’ve added “product sales”. Yes, I’ve been working on creating a series of related products over the past two years, and I just launched the website last month to sell them. $228 in sales for the first month was more that I could have ever hoped for!

Total income for March 2015: $563

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how that added up:
Swing trading: $200
Stock image sales: $114
Website advertising: $21
Product sales: $228

Overall, I can’t complain. March was a pretty good month for side income, and I’m really excited about my new line of products and the related website that I launched to sell them.

Yes! I want to trade my 9-5 job for passive income too!

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