I’m done trading

Boom. There it is. Just sold the rest of my UCO holdings for a loss grand total of $87k. FUCK. ME. That leaves my trading account the lowest it’s been in years (all the way back to 2010 levels), essentially wiping out 75% of all the passive income I’ve earned and saved since 2006 in one stupid trade.


That’s it, I’m done trading – I don’t have the mindset for this bullshit, especially since I know that oil probably won’t go much lower from these levels and it would probably behoove me to stay in it. But the thought of having all that cash tied up in one 2X ETF (which is likely to reverse split at any time – and then continue to decay) is more than I can mentally handle. I just wanted out to save whatever I had left.

RIP trading career. It’s been an adventure (and learning experience).

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