Feeling hopeless

Shit fuck damn. I’m feeling completely hopeless again. The major fucker is the fact that I got FUCKING REAMED in the stock market trying to catch a bottom on UCO, and as it stands now, I’ve lost $100k. One hundred fucking k. It makes me furious writing that, and reaffirms the fact that I should not be trading. I’m a fucking worthless loser. I started unloading it all today, trying to salvage what’s left. God DAMMIT.

On top of that, I haven’t a fucking clue how to make money with any of my websites. I don’t even know how to build traffic. Nothing I’m doing is working. I just have no control over anything, I fucking hate my job and the pisser is that I now know that I’ll be here fucking forever – there’s no way out. Trading is done, and the only way is to make big money online. But I don’t fucking know how, and based on past history, the chances of that are slim to none. I have nothing to offer.

Feeling pretty worthless, hopeless, and low right now.

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