Monthly income report for March 2013

Oh vey. Sometimes the life of a passive income seeking entrepreneur isn’t so glamorous, and March was a perfect example of that. I ended up negative for the month, all thanks to some old stock options that expired on the 19th. These were what was left over from my LVS straddle experiment that I started last November (briefly explained here), which I abandoned in December once I realized that it wasn’t going to work. So technically, I didn’t actually lose money this month – it’s just that the positions finally expired and the loss officially hit the books.

Otherwise, I did ok this month. My stock image sales are holding steady, and I made a profit on my March stock trades of about $500.

monthly earnings chart

Total income for March 2013: -$725

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how that added up:

  • Swing trading: $-1,570
  • Stock image sales: $832
  • Website advertising / affiliate income: $31.56

The website advertising and affiliate income may take a large hit next month, mostly due to the fact that I launched a new version of the website that is generating this income. I fully expect a short-term decline on these earnings, but I am confident it will recoup the loss and grow much higher as time goes on.

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